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Your success is heavily influenced by your ability to evaluate and invest in entrepreneurial companies that show strong potential to deliver a healthy return on your capital.

Why are so few funders and entrepreneurs able to build a win- win partnership?

The very best Venture Capital companies experience a success rate of only 8% success in their entrepreneurial investments. Other research concludes that only 1% of such investments are successful (Corporate Finance Institute). Something is wrong. What?

Grow together

If these companies can increase their success rate from 8% to 10%, they will be able to achieve a 25% higher return on their investments.

Our tailor-made solution gives funders the means and knowledge required to select and finance the most promising entrepreneurial opportunities available.

Our services assist the funders to:

Needs Analysis Tool – Are you missing the hidden gold in your business? 

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Support entrepreneurs with presentation to funders

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Integrity Assessment

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How to boost teamwork between funders and entrepreneurs

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