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As an entrepreneur, you are enthusiastic about your great business idea that you have been researching and nurturing for so long. You believe the only obstacle between your present situation and becoming phenomenally successful – and rich – is to find somebody to finance your new venture.

How to realise your dreams

Do you realise that your chances of seeing your dream come true is only 1 in 2000? The chances of a start-up being successful after being funded is less than 8% (Corporate Finance Institute). According to the Moneyweb, 80% of new businesses fail within 5 years of starting up.

We can Guide you to reach your Dreams

We offer you various services to achieve your business goals.

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How the Needs Analysis Tool can assist the entrepreneur in identifying the hidden gold in their business

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Business Plan Development

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Integrity Assessment

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How to boost teamwork between funders and entrepreneurs

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Connecting entrepreneur to possible funders

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